Answers for CEOs

Q: What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is a managed network of elite executives and C-level corporate officers. Catalyst's managed network of empowered executives, Catalyst Fellows, provide the intelligence, inside corporate navigation and key relationships that are mission-critical to market success for our clients.

Q: How can I benefit from the Catalyst Network?

The Catalyst Network is made available to Catalyst portfolio companies for "out of the box" market intelligence and business relationships that are crafted to expedite client company transactions with target customers.

Catalyst develops and manages this ever-expanding network of Fellows. These influential decision makers and technology experts are offered to a select group of Catalyst technology companies to shorten client company burn rates, expedite business decisions and facilitate connectivity to some of the world's most important executives and corporations.

Q: How do I use Catalyst?

The Catalyst Network operates as flexible partner to client requirements based on their life cycle roadmap and market conditions. Catalyst services include:

  • Market Intelligence
  • Technology & demand validation
  • Corporate sponsorship & navigation
  • Relationship Bridge to target markets
  • Augmentive business development
  • Strategic Alliance creation
  • Consumptive channels


Q: Why Fellows become part of the Catalyst Network?

At Catalyst, our network is our business. Connecting Fellows to our client company's value propositions that are insurgent in their domains makes sense. Catalyst bridge relationships result in corporate investment opportunities, OEM relationships, strategic alliances, customer pilots, and reseller agreements. Catalyst Fellows are provided with a variety of touch stone relationship opportunities within Catalyst portfolio companies. These relationships may include: transparent exposure to insurgent technology; consumptive buyer; advisory roles (fiduciary, non-fiduciary) or other as directed by and dictated by our Fellows personal goals and responsibilities.

Q: How does Catalyst select portfolio companies?

Catalyst performs its due-diligence using a litmus test within our Catalyst domain of expert Fellows. This litmus test of a companies "value proposition" is a market validity indicator. This allows Catalyst to determine the optimum course of action to best service our client companies.