The Catalyst Fellow NetworkTM

Catalyst is a 500+ member, global network of the world's most influential and senior corporate executives, venture capital partners and a select group of public and private technology companies. Specifically, we offer public corporation officers and senior-level executives protected access to exclusive technologies and various industry relationships and opportunities.

Most senior executives face the challenge of needing to stay abreast of applicable technology developments with limited bandwidth to qualify these potentials. In addition, any interactions with emerging companies are bound by vendor/supplier relationship and corporate policy. Still, the need to "stay connected" remains. Catalyst understands these dynamics well and has removed these barriers through the creation of our Fellow Network.

A Catalyst Fellow is a top industry executive who views Catalyst as a channel for intermittent access to technology companies that impact their business domain. By design, the relationship between a Fellow and Catalyst is informal and transparent to the public. This enables our Fellows to connect with new, insurgent technologies within our portfolio and industry in a flexible and confidential manner.

The relationship with a specific Catalyst company scales according to the Fellows specific desires, abilities and time commitments. Potential outcomes of engagement include early technology awareness, competitive data, advisory roles, board seats, equity, customer or partner relationships, and/ or networking with other Fellows, your industry counterparts.

Catalyst is constantly filtering companies introduced by VC partners, BOD members and Executive teams to select those private and public companies with truly insurgent technologies. The Catalyst portfolio selection process involves a litmus test performed by real market experts therefore our Fellows can trust the technologies we bring address real market needs and solve real market problems.


The Catalyst Fellows

The Catalyst Fellow Network is comprised of 500+ Catalyst Fellows (c-level officers) form the Global 1000 corporations and venture capital partners. Each Fellow resides within select markets of desire and provides a human centric value proposition preconditioned to assist and applied as actionable relationships outside company lines and across markets.