Strategic Value Creation Program (SVCP)

Fully monetizing the value of a corporate asset base is perhaps one of the highest priorities and difficult objectives facing business leadership today. Shifting economic conditions, the rise of non-traditional competitors, digitization of business processes, disruption and organization paralysis due to leadership changes and other phenomena can be severely challenging to business innovation.

The Strategic Value Creation Program is a process for looking inside as a means to go outside, to develop innovative and potent commercial models for your business. The program offers a rational and systematic approach to matching a client's corporate resources with lucrative market trends. The SVCP facilitates strategic collaboration across company lines, providing access to The Catalyst Fellow Network, a 500+ member global network of the world's most influential and senior corporate executives, venture capital partners and a select group of public and private technology companies.

Your Business as Smart-money Venue

The promise of cap table participation is a very strong lure, especially to Rain Makers capable of moving the needle for success. The goal of the SVCP is to honeypot your business as a smart-money venue providing strategic assets (e.g. brand, market presence, corporate facilities and assets, employees and legacy core services) capable of propelling a new company or multi-company partnership into the market much quicker and more efficiently than traditional venture capital models.

SVCP Vision and IAB Advisement

The vision of the SVCP is to intelligently leverage the strengths of industry leading brands with those of your business, maximizing corporate assets, information elements, tactical decision making and short cycle urgency. A
Catalyst Industry Advisory Board (IAB), comprised of brand executives from the Catalyst Fellow Network, provides expertise, knowledge and industry rational decisions around the deployment of internal and external corporate assets, and then orchestrates industry partnership activity to carry out those decisions. The result is the creation of new business models with innovation at the core.

EIR Execution

The Program ties together commercial advisement output from your IAB with the execution model of the
Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) program .The EIR program ensures the implementation of the Smart Operation plan defined by a client and their IAB. All EIR business plans focus on attractive revenue earnings from addressing global digital trends and market segments. EIR accepted business plans equally contribute new core digital capability and are accretive into the greater cap table of your business.

SVCP Integrated Steps:

  1. Catalyst Fellow Network of global executives (500+) resident within various market segments representing hot market trends.
  2. Select Fellows become IAB members
  3. IAB members propose commercial partnerships for revenue and strategic value potential (cap table).
  4. EIRs are IAB members that get hired by your company to drive proposed compelling business propositions ripe for company model creation.
  5. Under direction of Catalyst, your EIR team will build a business model in leverage to your business.
  6. EIR business model deliver new core capability and revenue into your business as stakeholder.
  7. At predetermined life cycle point, your EIR takes the new business external for IPO or liquidity event. Your company remains a stakeholder with the new business an assets on the balance sheet.

Correctly profiled, a client's business becomes a sought after route for company creation by those that would typically look to venture capital channels for investment, never considering your business as a more effective and efficient funding and market entry source.

SVCP Charter

A process for identifying innovative and potent commercial models for your business.

  • Rational and systematic approach to identifying lucrative market trends
  • Monetize corporate Brand & Assets,
  • Create new markets and customer touchpoints