Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

A Catalyst Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is made up of industry executives who are members of
The Catalyst Fellow Network, a 500+ member community of the brightest minds in industry. These market experts assist clients in positioning their business assets and resources into new market segments, either difficult to enter or perhaps not part of corporate development's strategy.

Through a considered and careful process, members of The Catalyst Fellow Network are engaged to provide expert viewpoint on potential market synergies for your Brand, those they represent and others they're connected to. As a result certain Fellows express personal interest to help roadmap your business to new markets and success. These Industry Advisors or "Groups of Champions" provide access to industry contacts, endorsements and other growth resources.

The Catalyst IAB program brings outside brand officers inside to evangelize markets and partner innovations. It connects three mission critical elements to establishing your companies own internal venue for practical innovation to emerge and take hold.

  • Internal Corporate Steering Committee
  • Industry Advisory Boards
  • Catalyst Fellow Network

IAB Mission

The mission of a Catalyst IAB is simple, Outbound Growth — increase addressable markets with the least amount of cannibalization. Each client's IAB is custom tailored to open a company’s collective thought process to create new business models that lead to additional customer touch points and revenue streams.

Build an Innovation-friendly Organization

Leaders of successful, high-growth companies understand that innovation is what drives growth, and innovation is achieved by awesome people with a shared relentless growth attitude and shared passion for entrepreneurial creativity and for turning ideas into realities.

The IAB facilitates innovation with the purpose of capitalizing on global industry trends, reflecting market desires and pain points for new core capabilities to service, at both business and consumer levels.

IAB Vision

The IAB vision focuses on the creation of "Smart Digital Operations", the functional design and build of new market trend capability through leverage of a client's business assets and resources with brand name partners, whereby the client's business becomes the enabler to global business process. The Smart Digital Operations become a new ecosystem for other companies to leverage as a means to innovate and optimize their own business.

IAB @ Work

IAB process: Define | Market | Validate | Implement

The IAB process industry rationalizes business concepts by testing market acceptance. It produces feasible economic models utilizing brand convergence as the key to establishing new industry segments and markets. IAB voice-of-market logic, advice, guidance and support fast-tracks brand convergence partnerships for rapid deployment of multi-branded solutions. Successful business concepts become advisement cases characterized with strategic clarity and tactical practicality.

IAB Charter

IABs are made up of world-class experts from industry leading brands helping you invent new go-to-market models through unique evangelism & personal guidance. A Catalyst IAB will help you to...

  • Develop innovative business models,
  • Monetize corporate Brand & Assets,
  • Create new markets and customer touchpoints