Catalyst Programs

Industry Advisory Boards (IAB)

A Catalyst Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is customized to expand your company mindset, industry segments, and customer touch points. The mission of the IAB is simple – outbound growth.

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Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)

The EIR program stems from IAB advisement cases. It places industry rainmakers at the helm of innovation business plan execution, leveraging a client's
Smart Digital Core.

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Strategic Value Creation Program (SVC)

A company’s resources are its most valuable assets. With expert alignment they become the foundation of Smart Operations which can be leveraged into new brand partnerships and business models.

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Catalyst Methodology

Our method is designed to increase a client's outbound market strategy from every business perspective: sales, business development, marketing, and alliances. We employ a five step process for finding and creating high strategic value company opportunities executed by skilled industry leadership known for entrepreneurial qualities.
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