Company Profile

Catalyst is an elite network for bridging relationships. A professional services firm launched in December 2000 at the behest of several Bay Area venture capital firms, Catalyst was chartered to accelerate time to market for technology and technology, infrastructure and communications companies, providing an industry-wide and global-reaching platform for connectivity, innovation and business transactions.

We engage empowered executives for the purpose of high level decisions and strategies, real market applications, customer input, intelligence and demand validation specific to the value proposition of Catalyst companies. We manage people and companies - building technology and technology, infrastructure and communications companies is the heart of the Catalyst paradigm.

How did Catalyst come about? Tasking Catalyst to address this market need was based on the executive team's experience, since 1986, in building non-fiduciary, fiduciary boards and senior operating executive teams for marquee private and public corporations.

Catalyst has a successful track record in finding the right "human elements" needed to help private companies reach IPO stage or public companies reach the next level of growth. Catalyst skill and process, connects companies (of any size) together with their target marketplace. Managing the process to obtain "Shared Intellect" between our client companies and distinct representatives from their markets. Managing the connection between companies and the world's most influential and senior corporate executives and professionals.

We Create Innovation

Catalyst is a managed network of fellows over 400 "C" level executives, within global public corporations. Catalyst Fellows are available to our portfolio client companies for the purpose of intelligence, guidance and strategic alliances facilitated in a comfortable high-level business-to-business environment. This allows a relationship of mutual interest without conflict to remove costly traditional market delivery buyer/seller barriers that delay transactions.

Catalyst maintains relationships with premier technology corporations, numerous Venture Capital organizations, as well as corporate venture groups to cross-pollinate synergies and evaluate companies where we can best leverage our Catalyst network in both private and public sectors.

The Catalyst portfolio companies are driving some of the most innovative technology solutions around the world, and they all address real market needs. Catalyst is boutique in approach, selecting those companies that satisfy the scrutiny of a real-market litmus test. The intelligence in the Catalyst network - foremost experts in the world's leading organizations - is paramount to helping us decide which companies to help succeed.

The Catalyst Vision

To construct a business model addressing the needs of young technology companies or established, public corporations in growth, technology, infrastructure and communications companies, turn-around or expansion mode, conversely adding value to the public corporation executives that interact with the company's roadmap.