The Catalyst Fellow NetworkTM

At Catalyst, our Network is our business. Helping companies succeed takes expert advice, demand and validation & most importantly, the ability to bridge industry relationships. With an always-expanding Network of transparent Fellows, Catalyst accelerates growth for a select group of technology companies. Providing the ability to shorten burn rates, expedite decisions & gain mission critical intelligence from elite executives in real markets. read more


Whether you are just entering the market or considering new growth models, we provide a rational and logical approach to defining new markets and identifying opportunities for your business.
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Advisory Boards

A Catalyst Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is customized to expand your company mindset, industry segments, and customer touch points. The mission of the IAB is simple – outbound growth.
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in Residence

The EIR program stems from IAB advisement cases. It places industry rainmakers at the helm of innovation business plan execution, leveraging a client's Smart Digital Core.
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Strategic Value Creation Program

A company’s resources are its most valuable assets. With expert alignment they become the foundation of Smart Operations which can be leveraged into new brand partnerships and business models.
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